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Daytime Cognition Testing Services in Anchorage, AK

What is a cognition test?

Cognition testing is done to check the overall cognitive functions of the brain. At Stellar Sleep, we use various cognitive tests to check a person's ability to fall asleep, and their ability to stay awake throughout the day. With the data collected, we can determine if you are suffering from any sleep-related disorders.

Multiple Sleep Latency Testing Services

Daytime cognition testing uses a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) and may help determine if you are suffering from a sleep disorder. The test consists of a series of “nap trials” over the course of a day to determine your sleep latency, or how long it takes to fall asleep when taking a daytime nap. The theory is that the faster you can fall asleep during the day, the more sleep-deprived you are.

What will be checked during a cognitive test?

During the test, you will be monitored for numerous data points (brain waves, heart rate, muscle activity, and eye movement), which will determine if you are experiencing sleep debt. This test is often used following an In-Lab sleep study to help establish a diagnosis and in turn, a treatment plan.

Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing

Additionally, Stellar Sleep offers Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT), which measures your alertness during the day. It determines if you are able to stay awake during a defined period of time and is an indicator of how well you are able to function and remain attentive during times of inactivity.

The MWT also consists of a series of daytime tests, however, unlike the MSLT, you are asked to stay awake as long as you can when sitting quietly during inactivity. The test is also typically done following an In-Lab sleep study.

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