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In-Lab Sleep Studies in Anchorage, AK

What is an In-Lab Sleep Study?

An In-Lab Sleep Study is the gold standard of sleep studies. It allows for an opportunity to observe your sleep over the course of a full night, providing the most information on your condition and allowing for the best treatment plan.

Overnight Sleep Studies in Anchorage

Our sleep facility in Anchorage is a beautiful and comfortable environment designed to keep you at ease as you participate in your study. We use the most State-of-the-Art technology, put an emphasis on your safety and security, and we are the only Sleep Clinic that offers a next-day follow-up with a board-certified Sleep Physician. This means that you and your referring doctor can begin your treatment plan without delay! No other sleep clinic in Alaska can offer the same level of service that Stellar Sleep diagnostics does!

What To Expect During An In-Lab Sleep Study?

At Stellar Sleep's in-lab sleep studies, our patients will receive:

  • Easy and timely scheduling of your appointment
  • Pre-authorization of your study if required
  • A cost estimator letting you know what you will owe out of pocket
  • Friendly, professional staff with over 75 years combined experience
  • Clean, beautifully appointed sleep rooms with comfort and privacy in mind
  • Morning follow up with a physician to review your study and provide a treatment plan
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Quick turnaround of your dictation to your referring doctor

Ready To Schedule Your In-Lab Sleep Study?

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