Sleep Telemedicine Services in Anchorage, AK

Speak With Your Sleep Physician At Home

At Stellar Sleep Diagnostics we use telemedicine to continue the conversation after you have had an In-Lab Sleep Study but cannot come back into the clinic for an in-person follow up.

Why Choose Telemedicine Services in Alaska?

Many insurance providers require “face-to-face” follow up, and our secure audio and video communication technology make complying with your insurance requirements easy and timely. Our board-certified sleep Physicians will connect with you to discuss on-going concerns with your diagnosis and/or treatment, and this convenience makes it easier for you to continue on the path to health and wellness, even in the most remote parts of Alaska.

Need To Talk To Your Anchorage Sleep Doctor?

Do you need to check-in or follow up with your sleep doctor, but can't come into our office? No worries, our telemedicine services provide one-on-one interaction with you sleep physician, while in the comfort of your own home.